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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2013 NBA Mock Draft - Nishida

In my opinion, this draft does not provide any team with a "superstar." I think at best the top level players of this draft can become No. 2 guys/ stars on the teams they are drafted to. However, while the overall superstar talent is low, I think the overall quality of talent is above average. I think teams early after the lottery picks will still be able to get quality players. The need pick is who I think the team NEEDS to take. The Best Available is who I think the team WILL take and SHOULD take.

1) Cleveland Cavaliers
Need Pick: SG/SF Ben Mclemore  
I think the Cavaliers need a player who can score along with Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters. McClemore would be a good chioce for me. He would be undersized at the SF but we see a lot of teams getting away with small lineup these days. He can provide some quick shooting ability. He needs to develop a lot mentally to become a top SG. However, the shooting ability at his age is something you do not see very often.
Best Available: PF/C Nerlens Noel
Everybody says that Nerlens Noel is going to be the No. 1 pick. While I believe he is a bit overrated, there is no doubt that nobody can teach the physical characteristics he has.He clearly has the greatest potential and upside out of everyone in the draft. However, the word "potential" scares me. There are plenty of No. 1 pick big men who haven't panned out (i.e. Greg Oden).

2) Orlando Magic
Need Pick: PF/C Nerlens Noel
As much as it is going to hurt picking another big man given the Magic's history with big men, they really do need one. To add Noel to a front line of Nikola Vucevic and Tobias Harris would be ideal. Also, the Magic aren't really trying to go anywhere one year after the "Dwightmare." They can afford giving Noel an extended rehabilitation period. As well as let, assistant coach Patrick Ewing take Noel under his wing and develop him.
Best Available: SG/SF Ben Mclemore
The Magic need someone who will light up the scoreboard and put butts in seats. Mclemore would be the best option to do this. He has the best shooting ability of this draft class. He can potentially be a legitimate scoring option but he needs to develop mentally and physically. Luckily, the Magic are rebuilding.

3) Washington Wizards
Need Pick: PF Anthony Bennett 
The Wizards really need a center. Nerlens Noel would have been their first choice but Anthony Bennett is no scrub either. He is an undersized PF at 6-7 but his athleticism and intensity make up for it. I think he can have a Jared Sullinger-like effect on the Wizards. He can come in and earn his time and be very productive as an undersized PF or develop into a quality SF.
Best Available: SF Otto Porter Jr.
The Wizards need to improve their front court but if there is no one that fits their needs, take Otto Porter Jr. This guy was the only reason why Georgetown was overrated at the No. 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament. He has everything a team needs. He has length for good defense and multi-skilled offensively. He can attack off the dribble, spot up and shoot or even create his own shot.

4) Charlotte Bobcats
Need Pick: SG Victor Oladipo
I see Oladipo becoming a player similar to Paul George. He has great quickness and speed. He is a great defender already and can improve even more. He a lot more room to grow offensively but so did Paul George (and look where he is now). Even more, Oladipo was the most exciting player in college basketball this past year. He can provide something fan-wise to the NBA's most dismal franchise.
Best Available: PF Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett is a project because teams need to determine if he is a big SF or a undersized PF. I think he can excel at both. The Bobcats need players on the front court better than Tyrus Thomas, Bismack Byombo, or Byron Mullens. He can come in and start immediately at PF and then, if the Bobcats try to, transition him into the SF role.

5) Phoenix Suns
Need Pick: SG Victor Oladipo
Again, the Suns need a spark to their fan base and Oladipo can provide that. Also, the Suns are invested in their "Morris Twins" front court. So they need a guard to support Goran Dragic. Oladipo can move without the ball well and put himself into spots where he can score. Dragic is just the PG to get him in those spots.
Best Available: SG Victor Oladipo
This a rare thing when need matches best available but that is what we have here. The Suns need a perimeter player and Oladipo is the best one available.

6) New Orleans Pelicans
Need Pick: PF Anthony Bennett
I think the Pelicans will be looking to pair Anthony Davis up with another down low player. If Bennett is not available, they could look into adding PF/C Cody Zeller. Both guys can score on the block. Bennett may provide more of a matchup problem because he can step out and take a 18-foot jump shot.
Best Available: PG Trey Burke
Another reason I think the Pelicans will try to look for a post player is because they want to give Rivers another chance to become a PG or allow Greveis Vasquez to become the starting PG. However, with the NCAA Player of the Year PG Trey Burke sitting on the board still, can you past on him? I certainly can't. He's got top-level leadership skills for the PG position and he can potentially dominate a game with his passing or scoring. He can be the Damian Lillard of this draft class.

7) Sacramento Kings:
Need Pick: PG Trey Burke
It is clear all is not well in Sacramento. The Kings need to put a respectable and entertaining product on the court, which they have not in the past 3-4 years. If the Kings land PG Trey Burke, it would be an instant spark to the fan base. He could provide much energy to the region. I like Isiah Thomas but Trey Burke has a bigger chance a "stardom" and reviving the Sacramento Kings spirit.
Best Available: PF/C Cody Zeller
Zeller is an efficient post player. He can come in and instantly start for the Kings. The Kings will most likely do this to have a young, talented front court. The main question about Zeller is consistency. He was non-existent in my opinion in some of the Indiana Hoosiers basketball games. Other than that, he has all the tools to be a quality PF.

8) Detroit Pistons
Need Pick: PG Trey Burke
The Pistons are in a similar position as the Kings. The franchise has been pathetic and the fan base has seen better days. A guy like Burke, a hometown hero in Michigan, would revitalize and reinvigorate the Pistons fans. Also, It's clear Knight and Stuckey do not have what it takes to be a legitimate No. 1 PG. By adding Burke, he can create shots for Knight and Stuckey and get the ball down low to Greg Monroe.
Best Available: PG Michael Carter-Williams

It would be a miracle if Burke fell this far down.  The next best would be Michael Carter-Williams. He can play PG and SG if needed. I think the Pistons would like to see if Knight takeover the PG position for one more year but Carter-Williams can be a starter at PG in the future. At the moment, Carter-Williams is a raw player with much potential. He needs to develop a consistent jump shot and cut down his turnovers.

9) Minnesota Timberwolves
Need Pick: PG C.J. McCollum
The Timberwolves need to find a weapon on the perimeter who can find his shot and assist Rubio in the backcourt. McCollum has pure shooting ability and score a good amount of points against any opponent. He can create his own shot or spot up around the court. He is a very versatile shooter.
Best Available: PG C.J. McCollum
The Timberwolves need to have a scorer at the SG position. McCollum is on their list and is perfect to draft for them at their spot. To have the unique scoring of McCollum to add to the quality Kevin Love's production is just what the Timberwolves need to rebound this coming season.

10) Portland Trailblazers
Need Pick: PG C.J. McCollum
The Blazers have a similar predicament as the Timberwolves. Blazers have Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard and experienced All-star LaMarcus Aldridge. The Blazers need to add a strong perimeter player and a big man to the roster. McCollum would be deadly if paired with Lillard but the Timberwolves would need to pass on him, which I don't believe they will do.
Best Available: SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
There are numerous amount of players for the Blazers to pick from. However, I expect the Blazers to grab Caldwell-Pope to give them an additional scoring option. He was the Southeastern Conference Player of the Year by averageing 18.5 points per game and 37% from three point range. He can catch-and-shoot better than everyone in the draft. However, he can't penetrate through traffic and can handle ball well enough to create his own shot.

11) Philadelphia 76ers
Need Pick: C Alex Len
It is clear that the knees and health of Andrew Bynum cannot be trusted. The 76ers needed to find a reliable down low presence in this draft. Alex Len is regarded as the best all-around post player in the draft. He can step into the starting role and produce in the scoring and rebounding categories instantly.
Best Available: C Alex Len
The 76ers need a post player and Alex Len would be the best choice, in my opinion, still on the board. Len can give the 76ers a post threat and take some of the pressure on rising star Jrue Holiday. Len has a lot of potential. It will be getting him to unleashing consistently that will be the challenge.

12) Oklahoma City Thunder
Need Pick: SF Shabazz Mohammed
It is clear the Oklahoma City Thunder need to find a scorer to assist Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Luckily, Shabazz Mohammed will be on the board for them to take (in my opinion). Mohammed can attack bigger players off the dribble and can post smaller players down low. He would be a unique scoring option for the Thunder who have no one to score for them consistently outside of Westbrook and Durant.
Best Available: SF Shabazz Mohammed
Oklahoma City should feel fortunate to have a pick in this range. Mohammed is the best available and he should be their pick, in my opinion. I think Mohammed can take pressure off of Durant and Westbrook and somewhat fill the hole left from trading away James Harden.

13) Dallas Mavericks
Need Pick: SF Shabazz Mohammed
Dallas is a team that seems stuck in transition. They have Dirk Nowitzki and Darren Collision. The Mavs are looking to re-sign O.J. Mayo to a long term deal. However, they are not go enough to win a series in the playoffs let alone make the playoff. Another player that could create matchup problems would serve this team well. Mohammed would be a good pick at this spot if he is available.
Best Available: PF/C Mason Plumlee
Plumlee had a breakout senior season with the Blue Devils. He is a very tough and athletic post player needs to be more consistent with post moves and free throw shooting but he averaged 17.1 points per game in spite of his small offensive skills. Dallas needs to have a down low player who can score and rebound aside from Nowitzki who is sometimes reluctant to rebound.

14) Utah Jazz
Need Pick: PG Shane Larkin
Say what you want about Shane Larkin's height but don't tell the young guard can't play. He was the main reason the Miami Hurricanes were able to win the ACC regular season title  this past season. The Jazz are in need of a fresh start. They have an aging Mo Williams leading the back court while the future of Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson are in question. The Jazz also have the young talents of Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter if Millsap and Jefferson do not return.
Best Available: PG Shane Larkin
He constantly proved the so-called college basketball experts wrong at Miami. He has the chance to do it in the NBA. The Jazz have been focusinf hard on Larkin. They probably have looked at him the most extensively. He can play with much bigger bodies and is probably worth drafting at 14 in the draft. 

15) Milwaukee Bucks
Need Pick: SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
With Monta Ellis opting out of the final year of his contract with the Bucks, the franchise needs to find the next player to pair with Brandon Jennings. As I have said before, Caldwell-Pope is a pure catch-and-shoot player with the basketball. It is the perfect fit to accompany a slashing and flashy Brandon Jennings. However, there is a good possibility he will not be available at this point in my opinion.
Best Available: SG Allen Crabbe
Unfortuately, if  Caldwell-Pope is off the board, the Bucks might have ti reach for a similar player. Allen Crabbe has a similar type of game as Caldwell-Pope. His shooting ability can be much more consistent but when he is feeling it from range, he will score in bunches. He provides a more versatile scoring option compared to Caldwell-Pope because Crabbe is the better dribbler and finisher at the rim.

16) Boston Celtics
Need Pick: PF/C Mason Plumlee
I am not sure what exactly is going with the Celtics at the moment. Regardless if they keep Garnett and Pierce or not, this franchise needs to begin to rebuild. I think General Manager Danny Ainge will give the Rajon Rondo the opportunity to led the team. The Celtics need more size on the front line. By adding Mason Plumlee, the Celtics give themselves a seven-foot player to guard the paint and score points for you off of sheer hustle alone.
Best Available: PG Dennis Schroeder
Not much is known about this guy in the United States. He is regarded as one of the top players and prospects internationally. He plays the pick-and-roll offense extremely well. This would fit well with the Celtics because the Celtics are completely in rebuilding mode. If they use their time develop Dennis Schroeder into a legitimate scoring option.
C Gorgui Dieng
I do not believe that Mason Plumlee will be on the board still for the Celtics to draft. The next best option is Gorgui Dieng, who is a much moree defensive in his approach to the game. A solid seven-foot center, who will guard the paint 100% of the time. The offensive game for Dieng needs much improvement but the Celtics are not looking for players who will contribute right not.

17) Atlanta Hawks
Need Pick: C Gorgui Dieng
The next best optionat center is Gorgui Dieng, who is a much more defensive in his approach to the game. A solid seven-foot center, who will guard the paint 100% of the time. The offensive game for Dieng needs much improvement but the Hawks are looking for players who will contribute in some way right now while they try to develop the rest.
Best Available: C Kelly Olynyk
The Hawks really do need a tall center. There are rumors of the Hawks taking physically-gifted, but technically inept center Steven Adams. I do not believe that will be the case. The Hawks do not need a guy they would have to wait three years to put on the court consistently.I think Olynyk needs to gain more muscle and get a little more tougher mentally and physically. His length helps him get away with unpolished post moves. He has shown during pre-draft workouts a unique ability to shoot the ball from 18-ft out.

18) Atlanta Hawks
Need Pick: SG/SF Sergey Karasev
He barely participated in an pre-draft workouts because a team has already promised to draft him. I believe the Hawks the team who made this promise. For a young man who has not turned 20 yet, Karasev does not need a lot of you to get his shot off. He has great court vision and is willing to make the open pass if the defense forces him to. He does fall in love with his 3-point shot too uch though and he needs to mature physically.
Best Available:  SG/SF Sergey Karasev
The Hawks need to find a player who can play the perimeter. Karasev can come in and maybe not start but contribute off the bench in key moments until his game develops further. I think the Hawks have two first round picks and no matter what I think they will use one to pick Karasev.

19) Cleveland Cavaliers
Need Pick: SG/SF Sergey Karasev
The Cavs would really like Karasev to be on the board still. They are missing a quality small forward in their ideal starting five lineup.  The Cavaliers need a shooting type of small forward. Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters can attach off of the dribble. The Cavaliers have nobody to spot up and threaten opponents from the outside.
Best Available: SF/PF Tony Mitchell
Tony Mitchell was regarded as a Top 5 player coming into his sophomore season at North Texas. However, North Texas struggled and his stock suffered. He is highly athletic and physically gifted. He has a 7-foot 3 inches wing span which allows him to be a tremendous shot blocker. He can spot up for three pointers and make them at a respectable rate. He relies too much on his right hand to dribble which causes him to be turnover-prone.

20) Chicago Bulls
Need Pick: SG Allen Crabbe
The Chicago Bulls are a favorite not just to win the East but the NBA Championship as well. However, this team can substantially improve. The Bulls lack a scorer who can pair up with Derrick Rose, the streaky Nate Robinson, and Loul Deng. Allen Crabbe would be a perfect addition for the Bulls. A quality scorer who can spot up and shoot or create off of the dribble. If Rose can return to his MVP form, Crabbe can easily fit into the scheme of the offense. However, it will take him a while to play defense with a Bulls-like intensity.
Best Available: SG Reggie Bullock
Reggie Bullock was one of the few reasons North Carolina did not have a mediocre season. He was a 44% 3-point shooter last year. The only Bulls player to play significant minutes and shoot over 40% from three was Jimmy Butler. Bullock could add a threat and punish help defenses for doubling Boozer or Noah in the post or helping on a Derrick Rose drive. His physical frame says good defender but his play in the Tar Heels' games speaks otherwise.

21) Utah Jazz
Need Pick: SG Reggie Bullock
The Jazz will continue and create a young back court to develop as their post players begin to thrive. Bullock is a great shooting option to have on any team but he probably needs one or two years in the NBA to fully develop it. His 6'7'' body is great for the shooting guard position. He needs to put as much effort defensively as he does offensively. He was the leader of the Tar Heels this past year and can come in with confidence.
Best Available: SF Giannis Adetokoubo
The Jazz have been trying to find a player to score the ball along the perimeter. Adetokoubo can do just that. However, it was against very inferior talent in his home country of Greece. His shot and dribbling skills are impressive but the main reason he is very troubling is the competition he faced. A team like the Jazz with two first round picks can afford to make this pick. They can develop him and see if he can pan out.

22) Brooklyn Nets
Need Pick: C Gorgui Dieng
The do not have a enforcer on their team. Gorgui Dieng can definitely fill in this role. He is a big, physical player. He can defend the basket and rebound at a proficient rate. He does not have a great offensive game. He will need to work on it a little bit more. However, his defensive production is better than what you would get from Reggie Evans, Andre Blatche, or Kris Humphries.
Best Available: C Gorgui Dieng
The Nets have enough firepower on the perimeter to compete in the east. The main problem is they do not have enough quality talent in the post to compete. They got tossed around by a physical Chicago Bulls team during the playoffs. Dieng should and will help solidify the big man play for them

23) Indiana Pacers
Need Pick: PG Lorenzo Brown
The Pacers need better point guards. I think Brown would be a good choice for them. The only question about Brown is his work ethic. Scouts believe he has all the talent in the world but they question his drive to become better. Brown passes the ball well and is a streaky shooter. He can put the ball on the floor and penetrate the lanes. I think Frank Vogel will be able to tap into this guy's potential and turn him into a everyday starting point guard.
Best Available: PG Lorenzo Brown
I think after see how exposed George Hill is this postseason. The Pacers will most likely believe point guard is the direction they should move to. Brown is the best available point guard. I think Brown will need at least half of the year to develop his game and adjust to the NBA game. However, if he works hard and puts everything together he can have a very productive career in the Pacers' uniform.

24) New York Knicks
Need Pick: Gorgui Dieng
The Knicks need a big man regardless of who it is. This team was too small and too weak to match up with the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat for that matter of fact. Dieng is a similar player to Tyson Chandler. Dieng gives the Knicks more size and a stronger defensive presence which was seriously lacking during the postseason. The Knicks do not need Dieng to score. He just needs to keep rebounding and blocking shots like he did at Louisville. They can develop him later.
Best Available: C Jeff Withey
Dieng will mostly likely not be available at this point. I think Jeff Withey is the next best choice. He is more athletic than Dieng. He can block shots at the same rate a Dieng. He is an excellent rebounder and post defender. He actually has a more refined offensive game than Dieng but there is still a lot more room for improvement. Withey will give the Knicks front court more youth and athleticism.

25) Los Angeles Clippers
Need Pick: SG Reggie Bullock
The Clippers were offensively inept against the Memphis during the playoffs. The main problem was that there was a lot one-on-one play by Chris Paul and Jamal Crawford. The other role players were unable to put down an open jump shot. Bullock would be able to come in and do just that for the Clippers. Also, with Doc Rivers coming in, the Clippers will need a player like Bullock who can spot up from three because there is a lot f ball movement with Rivers' offense. Also, Bullock players better defense when he puts his mind to it.
Best Available: SG Jamaal Franklin
He was one of the most productive players in college basketball at San Diego State. He averaged 17 points per game and 9.5 rebounds per game. He is a high energy type of player. He has great leaping and finishing ability for the guard position. He can still be a great scoring option off of the bench. His shooting ability is suspect though.

26) Minnesota Timberwolves
Need Pick: SG Ricky Ledo
The Timberwolves addressed their perimeter concerns with C.J. McCollum but they could still get another guy. Ledo did not play this past year. He was academically ineligible to play for Providence. However, he was one of the top high school recruits in 2012. Timberwolves can afford to take a gamble on a player like this.
Best Available: C Steven Adams
The Timberwolves should consider getting a big man as Kevin Love seems to be drifting further out to the perimeter. The Timberwolves can get by with Love and Pekovic at the post positions but they need to add depth. A project like Steven Adams could be worth the pick at 26. He is a seven-footer with raw talent and a large set of potential.Scouts believe he should have stayed one more year at Pittsburgh but they are in awe of his high motor at seven feet and as a center

27) Denver Nuggets
Need Pick: SG Tony Snell
New head coach Brian Shaw will look to get a very young and talented Nuggets team out of the first round of the playoffs. He should start by adding a straight up scorer to pair with Ty Lawson. Tony Snell is a very explosive player. His production can in spurts though rather than consistently. If Shaw get Snell to play consistently throughout the game and season, The Nuggets, who are already dangerous, can strengthen their chances of getting out of the first round.
Best Available: SG Tony Snell
Brian Shaw will be looking for someone to help bolster an already strong roster. Snell can come in and learn the game without the pressure of playing early and they come on ad play for the Nuggets late in the season are next season.

28) San Antonio Spurs
Need Pick: SG Jamaal Franklin
It is clear Manu Ginobili is a shell of his former self. If he did not play during the NBA Finals series, I think the Spurs would have been better off. I think the Spurs need to replace Ginobili. Franklin would be a great choice. Popovich loves players who are two-way players and can excel at one part of the game offensively. Franklin can attack the lane much like Ginobili can and his finishing ability is much better at this point in time.
Best Available: SF Glen Rice Jr.
Rice was kicked off of Georgia Tech in 2012 and played for a D-League team this past year. Rice says this experience is behind him and he has learned from him. I think the Spurs are the right franchise to take a franchise. Its a strong franchise with high character players. Rice has good shooting and rebounding ability. Scouts say he moves well without the ball. Well, we know how the Spurs like players ho move without the ball well (for example, Danny Green).

29) Oklahoma City Thunder
Need Pick: SG Archie Goodwin
After adding Shabazz Mohammed, the Thunder should continue to bolster themselves offensively. Archie Goodwin can be a great option off of the bench right now for the Thunder. He has great driving ability. If you combine this with his strength and leaping ability, he is a great finisher. He needs to develop a better shot but he can give you quality minutes as of right now.
Best Available: SG Ricky Ledo
This is a pick that has a lot of risk and a lot of reward for the Thunder. You do not know what you will get from a player who did not play a second in college basketball. However, if Ledo reaches the potential the NBA scouts feel he has, we might be looking back and calling this the steal of the draft.

30) Phoenix Suns
Need Pick: C Jeff Withey
The Phoenix Suns need a big man to fit into their lineup to protect the rim. Withey is a terrific shot blocker and is not prone to foul trouble. This is a unique combination. The Suns will be looking to nab this quality defensive player this late in the draft. Withey does have some post moves offensively but he still has a long way to go before he can be counted on.
Best Available: C Rudy Gobert
Gobert is a unique player to this draft. He is seven feet tall and has a 8'5'' wing span. He is very long. He can play the lob well and rebound the ball well offensively. He is raw in talent. He is definitely a project. It is definitely worth the Suns' time to develop this guy and turn him into a dominate post threat for the future.

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