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Thursday, August 9, 2012

CFB Northwest 2012-2013 Season Predictions: Washington Huskies

The Washington Huskies ended last season with a bad taste to their mouths. Sure, then Sophomore QB Keith Price outplayed Heisman winner Robert Griffin III with a 437 pass yds and 4 TD performance at the Alamo Bowl but it was overshadowed by the horrific defensive display by the Huskies. Baylor ran for 482 yards on the ground and put 67 points on the board. The Huskies will look to improve a poor defense with new defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox (was defensive coordinator at Tennessee last year).

Washington Huskies (0-0) vs San Diego State Aztecs
This is a very interesting opener for the Huskies. Don't sleep on the Aztecs. They may not have Ronnie Hillman anymore but they have the transfer from Oregon State, Ryan Katz, who is capable of having a strong performance. However, I don't believe the Huskies will lose the game. It will be competitive but I think the Huskies' defense will show up strong. Price will have a strong game and I have a good feeling that RB Jesse Caller and WR Kasen Williams will break out for the Huskies.
Result: Huskies win 31-20

Washington Huskies (1-0) @ LSU Tigers
Did somebody say mismatch? I don't think this game will suit the Huskies very well. They are going to play a very physical LSU team. While their D. Coordinator, Wilcox, has coached against LSU, the players are not the same. I don't believe the Huskies will be physically prepared for the type of game LSU will bring. The physical running of LSU's Spencer Ware, Alfred Blue, Michael Ford, and Kenny Hilliard will overwhelm the Huskies. I also think Price will struggle to find a receiver against the LSU defense.
Result: Tigers win 34-17

Washington Huskies (1-1) vs Portland State Vikings
This will be a refreshing game for the Huskies after a grueling game against LSU. I don't expect the Vikings to put up much of a fight against the Huskies. I think the stars, Price and Caller, will come up big and provide huge support in a runaway win.
Result: Huskies win 52-7

Washington Huskies (2-1) vs Stanford Cardinal
The Huskies were blown away in last year's game between these two teams. I think it's pay back time for the Huskies. There is no Andrew Luck and the Huskies will be better prepared to stop the run of the Cardinal. I expect Stanford RB Taylor to have a big game but Rice and Caller will do just enough to win the game for the Huskies.
Result: Huskies win 31-24

Washington Huskies (3-1) @ Oregon Ducks
This is another mismatch for the Huskies. I think the Huskies are one year away from competing with Oregon. The combination of QB Bennett, RB Barner, and WR/RB Thomas will run around this Huskies defense. The new D. Coordinator is not going to help them this game. Kelly's offense will pick them apart. I think the Huskies will be in the game for  a while but not for the entire game.
Result: Ducks win 48-24

Washington Huskies (3-2) vs USC Trojans
This is probably the last team you want to see after a crushing defeat to Oregon. USC is going to be highly motivated to be undefeated and they're not going to let the Huskies stop them. With Barkley and new RB Silas Redd, the Trojans will make short work of the reeling Huskies. The Trojans will blow this game wide open.
Result: Trojans win 45-14

Washington Huskies (4-2) @ Arizona Wildcats
The Wildcats aren't going to be much of a threat to the Huskies in their current state. Rich Rodriguez will probably need one more year before Arizona becomes competitive again. I think the Huskies will be able to win. I think the Wildcats won't be blown out because the game is at home for them but Price and Caller are going to secure a Huskies win.
Result: Huskies win 35-14

Washington Huskies (5-2) vs Oregon State Beavers
The Beavers are very young but they will be much more experienced than last year. They should be able to limit mistakes they made last year. I still don't think the Beavers will have enough to beat the Huskies. The game will be closer than people think. A late run by the Huskies though will however seal the deal for a Huskies victory.
Result: Huskies win 35-21

Washington Huskies (6-2) @ California Golden Bears
The Golden Bears will be very hard to beat at Memorial Coliseum. Also, they will have threats in QB Zach Maynard and RB Isi Sofele. I think this has the potential of being a good game but again, I think Price's experience will help lead the Huskies to a victory. It won't be an easy win for them though.
Result: Huskies win 31-24

Washington Huskies (7-2) vs Utah Utes
The Utes are not going to be an easy opponent. Luckily, the Huskies are at home for this game. The Utes will be led by John White IV, who will be competing with national players for the Walter Camp award. I think the Huskies will be able to limit White but I don't believe they will stop him completely. This game could go either way but I think the Utes steal this game.
Result: Utes win 34-31

Washington Huskies (7-3) @ Colorado Buffaloes
The Huskies will be reeling after a close lose to the Utes and a trip to Boulder, CO is not an easy trip for anyone. They will have to fight altitude and a hostile home crowd. The Huskies need to dig deep to win and I think they will. The Price-Williams connection will produce big numbers and get the Huskies back in the win column.
Result: Huskies win 35-24

Washington Huskies (8-3) @ Washington State Cougars
It's rivalry week and a trip to Pullman, WA is in store for the Huskies. The new WSU Cougars, led by new head coach Mike Leach, will bring a season of experience with a high powered offense. It will not be an easy game for either side. This game will be a classic and it will be a win either way. It's hard to say which team will win exactly. I think Tuel and Wilson will outperform Price and Williams but the Huskies will win by a late field goal.
Results: Huskies win 38-35

The Huskies will be satisfied with a 9-3 record overall. They won't be in the Pac-12 title game but they will most likely be in the Holiday Bowl. Price, Williams, and Caller will each have great individual seasons. The defense will be much improved this year from last year. The Huskies will be good but I don't believe they will be a title contending team until the 2013-2014 season.

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