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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CFB Northwest 2012-2013 Season Predictions: Oregon Ducks

The Oregon Ducks will enter into the 2012-2013 season with a new starting Quarterback. The Ducks are currently conducting a QB competition between Sophomore Brian Bennett and explosive freshman Marcus Mariota. Whoever ends up being the starting QB (I'm expecting Bennett to win the job), the Ducks are the favorite to win the Pac-12 North. A relatively weak schedule will be beneficial to them as their main challenge will be USC, who they will have to play in the LA Memorial Coliseum.

Oregon Ducks (0-0) vs Arkansas State Red Wolves
I don't expect any problems for Oregon in this game. Knowing Oregon and Chip Kelly, the Ducks will try to have this game out-of-reach by halftime. I think Bennett will be solid both passing and running the football. I do believe this is the game RB Kenjon Barner shows everyone that he is capable of being better than RB LaMichael James.This will be a runaway game and a good opener for the Ducks and their fans.
Result: Ducks win 66-7

Oregon Ducks (1-0) vs Fresno State Bulldogs
I don't expect this game to be close either. Fresno State is rebuilding a program that has gone south in the past 3-4 seasons. The Ducks will run all over them and put this away convincingly. Expect RB Kenjon Barner to dominate and RB/WR DeAnthony Thomas to make 3-4 long touchdown scores (catching or receiving).
Result: Ducks win 55-10

Oregon Ducks (2-0) vs Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles
This game is no different from the one where the Ducks played Arkansas State. It's an FCS team that the Ducks will stomp all over. I expect the main stars, QB Bennett, RB Barner and RB/WR Thomas to all have great games. The Ducks destroy the Golden Eagles convincingly.
Result: Ducks win 63-0

Oregon Ducks (3-0) vs Arizona Wildcats 
The first Pac-12 game for the Ducks is not a very challenging one. Rich Rodriguez will be in the middle of developing his new offense with the Wildcats. I think Oregon will make things difficult for the Wildcats, both offensively and defensively. Again, Barner will run on top of the Wildcat defense and I don't expect the game to be close.
Result: Ducks win 52-17 

Oregon Ducks (4-0) @ Washington State Cougars (in Seattle, WA @ CenturyLink Field)
The first road game for Oregon isn't even a road game. The game is pretty much being held at a neutral site because the game will be held at CenturyLink Field, not Martin Stadium in Pullman, WA. With that said, I still believe this will be a challenge for the Ducks. The Cougars are going to be explosive through the air thanks to new head coach Mike Leach. I'm expecting high scoring. I don't believe WSU is good enough to beat the Ducks yet. However, they're not letting the Ducks walk all over them.
Result: Ducks win 49-38

Oregon Ducks (5-0) vs Washington Huskies
The Washington Huskies will be a difficult challenge as they have a new defensive coordinator in Justin Wilcox. Wilcox has coached in the SEC in the past couple of years. His scheme might be ready to stop Oregon but I don't believe the players are talented enough to beat Oregon. I think the Huskies will hang around for a half but Oregon's going to pull away and win by quite a bit.
Result: Ducks win 48-24

Oregon Ducks (6-0) @ Arizona State Sun Devils
Another simple game for the Ducks after facing both Washington schools. The Sun Devils will be rebuilding their program under new head coach Todd Graham. I don't believe the Sun Devils will bee able to compete against the Ducks. The ASU roster will be much different and fairly young. The Ducks' experience will overwhelm the Sun Devils and in the game convincingly.
Result: Ducks win 45-13

Oregon Ducks (7-0) vs Colorado Buffaloes
The Buffaloes will be much improved from last year but I still think they're nowhere near the Ducks' talent. I expect the Buffaloes to hold up against the Ducks but they won't threaten the Ducks. I think the offensive firepower of the Ducks will blow the Buffaloes. It also doesn't help Colorado that the game is at Autzen Stadium.
Result: Ducks win 42-17

Oregon Ducks (8-0) @ USC Trojans
I don't care what anybody says, College Gameday is going to be in Los Angeles for one of the biggest football games of the year. I think this will be a very competitive game. I actually think the Ducks are more of favorites because in last year's matchup, USC's defense played out-of-its-mind. The Ducks also made early mistakes on offense that cost them late in the game. I think this will be an offensive game and will come down to whoever has the ball last. This game will come down to the best QB. My money is on USC's Matt Barkley.
Result: Trojans win 41-38

Oregon Ducks (8-1) @ California Bears
After losing to USC, the Ducks will be very disappointed and will be looking to return to the win column. They will get Cal at Memorial Coliseum. I think this is a tough game for Oregon. Cal is good offensively with Sofele and Maynard but their defense is lacking. The Ducks will take advantage of the Golden Bear's weak defense and run all over them.
Result: Ducks win 42-21

Oregon Ducks (9-1) vs Stanford Cardinal
The Ducks will have an interesting game with Stanford. I think Stanford will have have an aggressive running game lead by Stefan Taylor. I think Taylor will have a big game but Bennett, Barner, and, Thomas will have bigger games. The Cardinal will be able to hang with the Ducks for about a half and then the Ducks will pull away like they always do in the second half.
Result: Ducks win 45-28 

Oregon Ducks (10-1) vs Oregon State Beavers
The Ducks will be fired up for this rivalry game against the Beavers. They have a lot riding on this game. They need this game to stay in the National title race, to get to the Pac-12 Title game with only one loss and earn bragging right for another year in the state of Oregon. I think Barner and Thomas will run all over Oregon State. The Beavers will be competitive based off adrenaline and intensity of the moment but Oregon's going to pull away in the second half.
Result: Ducks win 52-21

Oregon Ducks (11-1) @ USC Trojans (@ L.A Coliseum for Pac-12 Championship)
The team with the best Pac-12 record host the title game. That would be USC. It sucks for the Ducks because once again it will come down to the best QB, home-field advantage and who wants it more. I already said Matt Barkley was the better QB. Now, everyone wants to win this game but who has the desire? I say USC for this reason. It's their first time in the Pac-12 title game and they are all on a mission to win a national title (especially the senior class). I think their will will get them the victory.
Result: Trojans win 38-31

The Oregon Ducks will finish the regular season happy and disappointed. Happy because they will probably end up being in the Rose Bowl once again due to their high rank at the end of the season. Disappointed because they will lose to USC twice and miss a chance on getting to the National Title game. Overall, the Ducks will finish with a 11-2 record in the regular season. Oregon will have a chance to compete for a national title in the future, just not now. 

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