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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adam Jones Underrated MVP

As we work our way closer and closer to the mid summer's classic in July, it's time we start looking at who the real canidates are for MVP and who was just a spark in the pan. At a glance we see Josh Hamilton leading the AL in home runs, RBI's, and sporting a .338 batting average. The front runner of course, but who can challenge the great Texas slugger for the MVP? Adam Dunn has 20 home runs and seems to be back, he's also back atop the leagues strikeout board strikingout more times then Justin Verlander has thrown. The Grandyman(Curtis Granderson) has 18 homers, but only sporting a .250 average. So who is gonna challenge this guy? Then answer comes from a surprising place, Baltimore's Adam Jones, who is putting together his best season yet.

Jones is on pace to demolish his previous career highs in home runs(25) and rbi's (83), currently on pace for 48 home runs and 98 rbi's! Doing this while still keeping up a .300 average and on pace for nearly 200 hits. His pressence can be seen in the standings as well, in part to his play and better then expected pitching the Orioles find themselves above .500 and in 3rd place in the highly competitive AL East. With game winning home runs in the 12th, 13th and 17th innings this season Adam has been as clutch as any player we have seen this year. Jones also has made strides in improving his defense, leading the AL in outfield putouts, and in the top 10 with a .977 fielding percentage. But to beat Hamilton he will need to prove to voters that he is more valuable to the Orioles then Josh to the Rangers. To me this is easy, take away Hamilton from the rangers you still have Cruz, Beltre, Andrus, Young, and Kinsler all of them All Star canidates year in and year out, take away Adam from the Orioles who are you left with? Names like Hardy, Andino, and Markakis ( he's on the DL by the way), and your left with easily the worst team in the division.

When you dissect the numbers and look at what each team would be like without there star player its really no contest, Adam Jones is more valuable then Josh Hamilton. We've seen it workout like ths before, Zach Greinke winning the 2009 Al Cy Young award with only 14 wins, Felix Hernandez doing the same in 2010, the voters saw that these two were more valuable and because of that you had to throw some stats out the window. If you want to MVP to be a popularity contest Josh Hamilton has already won and has the trophy up on his mantle, but if you want to award to go to THE MOST Valuable Player, you will give Adam Jones your vote.