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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NFL Week 5 Game Picks

Here are the guys picks from Last Week!

(J, S, Z) Arizona Cardinals @ St Louis Rams (K)

Sunday:(K, J, S, Z) Green By Packers @ Indianapolis Colts
(S) Miami Dolphins @ Cincinnati Bengals (K, J, Z)
(K, J, S, Z) Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs
Cleveland Browns @ New York Giants (K, J, S, Z)
(S, Z) Philadelphia Eagles @ Pittsburgh Steelers (K, J)
(K, J, S, Z) Atlanta Falcons @ Washington Redskins
(J, S, Z) Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers (K) 
(K, J, S, Z) Chicago Bears @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans @ Minnesota Vikings (K, J, S, Z)
(K, S, Z) Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots (J)
Buffalo Bills @ San Francisco 49ers (K, J, S, Z)
San Diego Chargers @ New Orleans Saints (K, J, S, Z) 

(K, J, S, Z) Houston Texans @ New York Jets

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